Shofars and Temple Trumpets

The Story of Israel, God’s People and the Messiah Told Through the Narrative of God’s Favorite Instrument-the TRUMPET!

By MICHAEL (BEN) ATTAR-Israeli, Hebrew Christian and Founder of The Ministry “Good Mood Foundation”

Israel, “God’s Land” has been resurrected. The Land which was once “dead” has been restored to the Jews and is a thriving Modern Country.

The “People of God” have been resurrected. After the Holocaust, only 1/3 of the Jewish population remained and were scattered to the “Four Corners” of the World. But in 2018, there are now more Jews living in Israel than in any other Country.

Jerusalem, “God’s City” has been resurrected. For 2,000 years, Jerusalem was “lost” and not in control by the Jewish People. But after the “6 Day” 1967 war, Jerusalem was recaptured and is now once again the Capital of Israel.

Hebrew, “God’s Language,” has been resurrected. Until 100 years ago, “Hebrew” was dead. But now it’s the language of the Jews, in Israel and around the World.

“Israel’s Economy” has been resurrected. When Israel was “Re-Born” in 1948, Her economy began with nothing. Only 70 years later, Israel has become an economic powerhouse and is the “Start-Up Nation.” Many Countries, companies, and venture capitalists have set up “shop” in Israel to tap into Israel’s “Brain-Trust.”

“Jesus Christ” has been resurrected. Our Christian faith rests on the fact that the Messiah, Jesus Christ, was crucified on the Feast of “Passover,” buried on the Feast of “Unleavened bread,” and resurrected on the Feast of “First Fruits.” But Jesus wasn’t the only one to be resurrected. In both the Old and New Testaments others were resurrected, too. Then after His resurrection, Jesus appeared to His disciples for 40 days and then ascended into Heaven where He sits at the right hand of God, the Father. Jesus sent down The Holy Spirit on the Feast of “Pentecost” which began the “Church Age” as the “Time of the Gentiles” continues. Now, we WAIT… “One Glorious Day,” ALL believers will “Gathered.” But what are we “waiting” for?

God’s “Favorite Instrument” is the Shofar Trumpet (Ram’s horn). In Israel, the Shofar Trumpet is “Celebrated,” and every Jewish family has one. Sadly, the Shofar isn’t celebrated in God’s Church throughout North American or around the World. But it should be! Maybe, like me, you long for the day that the Shofar Trumpet is sounded to “Call God’s People to Worship” in all Christian Churches, events, and venues. Therefore, could it be that NOW is the “time” for God’s Trumpet to be resurrected, too? After all, it is the “Last Sound” Christians will hear!


This book follows up Michael’s book, “Next Year in Jerusalem- is Now!” I was pleased to write the foreword to that as well.

In this groundbreaking book, Michael uses the ‘narrative’ of God’s favorite instrument, the Trumpet (Genesis to Revelation) to tell the story of Israel and His People, the Jews. I say ‘groundbreaking’ because as far as I know, this is the first time anyone has taken every story in the Bible which incorporate God’s Trumpet, and then ‘detailed’ each story as they appear in chronological order.

I also love Michael’s ‘unique style’ for sharing God’s Word. His commentary is short and to the point, and he always includes all ‘relevant’ Scripture so I can ‘see’ for myself. God’s gifting allows Michael to take obscure and unfamiliar Bible stories and make them come ‘alive.’ My heart leaped with joy when Scripture reminded me that Jesus’ ‘voice’ is like a TRUMPET. And that ‘One Day’ after the ‘Seventh Angel’ blows the Trumpet, Jesus will return to rule and reign with all believers in the ‘New Jerusalem.’

Therefore, after reading this book, I know you’ll come to the same conclusion that I did. God had it in ‘His Mind’ to use His favorite instrument, the Trumpet, to ‘progressively’ unveil and reveal Jesus Christ and to tell the story of His People-the Jews. I pray this book breathes ‘life’ into your spirit. And that God uses it to awaken, reawaken and deepen your LOVE for Israel, the Jewish people, and the Messiah.”

Meet Michael Nathaniel (Ben), Attar

Our family name is “BenAttar.” I was given the name “Michael” after my grandfather on my father’s side, Meekhael Ben Attar, who was a Rabbi in Morocco, North Africa. I was also given my middle name “Nathaniel” after my grandfather on my mother’s side. He was a Zionist leader and businessman who lived in Poland. My mother was born in Poland six days before the Germans invaded Poland to begin their methodical process of exterminating the Jewish people. She and her sister were “given” (along with money) to two Polish Gentile families (Righteous Gentiles) to be raised as their own and to protect their Jewish identity. But Nathaniel was shot in the head by the Nazis in front of my grandmother, just before they took everything from our family. Other family members perished, too. Miraculously my grandmother survived. After the war, my mother moved to Israel, where she met my father, who served in the IDF. They were married in 1959, and I was born in Haifa, one year later, on the 23rd of the Jewish month, Elul, in the Jewish year of 5720.

Eight days after my birth, my father arranged for a Mohel (a trained Rabbi) to come to our apartment in Israel and perform my circumcision. Interestingly, the day I was circumcised occurred on the “Feast of Trumpets,” which “Modern Jews” refer to as “Rosh Hashanah.” It is the beginning of Israel’s “New Year” and is celebrated with the sounding of Trumpets.

That said, I must have been born with a love for the trumpet because, at the age of 11 (until 17), I had a lesson every week with a teacher who became the principal trumpet player of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra. I began playing my trumpet in church orchestra at the age of 22 and met Michelle when she joined, one year later. She plays the cello. I continued playing the trumpet every week in church orchestra or worship band until the age of 47.

My love for the Trumpet also fostered a passion for reading about the “Trumpet” in God’s Word. Through my study, it became clear that God chose to use the Trumpet (Genesis to Revelation) to progressively tell the story of Israel, His People, and the Messiah. Only the hand of God could have orchestrated this “divine progression” using His favorite instrument-the Trumpet. So, I authored this book to share what God said in His Word concerning His Trumpet.

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