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This video (slightly over 5 minutes) features comments from the CEO of Carrollton Springs Hospital.

All our finances are handled by our treasurer, Blake Decker. He is HAPPY to provide a summary of our income and category spending for 2016. Please send me an email at and I will forward your request on to Blake. He will then get back in touch with you. FYI, our biggest expense in 2016 was for over 10,000 Christian books (4-5 banded together to make a “Gift- Sets” for the patients. We provided over 1,500 ‘Gift-Sets” in 2016. We also provided over 1.200 New Boxed NIV Bibles in 2016.

I do not receive any salary, royalty, or compensation for my involvement in our ministry.

Please prayerfully consider providing financial support via our DONATE button.

This video (under 3 minutes) provides testimony as to how and why they serve.

This video (about 17 minutes) is for those who are unfamiliar with our ministry and for those who want more details. The above two videos have been integrated into this video but you can easily fast forward through those sections. This video is worth the time to view if you don’t understand the specifics of how we minister to the patients at Carrollton Springs Hospital. This video also features comments by another Carrollton Springs Hospital staff person who works with the CEO.